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The Madison Water Utility has been conducting advanced testing of the city’s 23 water wells looking for a class of chemicals known as “PFAS.” New results show that four more city wells may have trace amounts of the chemicals. That brings the total number of wells where PFAS have been detected to ten. Nine wells have been found to be clear of all thirty PFAS tested.

Residency requirements and civilian oversight are two of the initiatives the council wants to impose on the police department. Some members of the council are opposed to a five year contract and are seeking to make it a three year deal. According to the statement, Common Council believes, after consultation with legal counsel, that the current collective bargaining agreement does not fully reflect changes in the law since the original collective bargaining agreement was negotiated and ratified.

It didn’t happen right away for Hayes, either. Once he hit his stride, however, he was as good as there was in the league. If you’re going to be about draft and develop, you also have to be about patience.. We tend to say that human life is priceless; however, we don’t all drive expensive European cars, noted for their safety. We understand that locally grown, organic food is better for us and for the environment, yet most of us shop for less expensive alternatives. We tend to consider our alternatives, then vote with our wallets..

Something else that needs to be talked about in this community is mental health. We have lost far more to suicide in this past year than to COVID. Yet no one wants to talk about it. I from Los Angeles, but I pretty familiar with the SoCal scene as a whole and I know there are a few nights in San Diego. Off the top of my head, Hemlock, Club Sabbat, Darkwave Garden and Ascension. The latter is up in the air cause the Kava Lounge, where Ascension is held, permanently closed a week or so ago..

You can join the meeting here.Discussion on Gun Violence and Tear Gas UsageOn Wednesday, at the Board of Public Health meeting, the Violence Prevention Unit will give an update on their work. You can find meeting details here.There are a number of city meetings not highlighted in this update. You can find a full schedule of city meetings here..

I asked during the launch event Q where Facebook saw monetization opportunities in Graph Search, Zuckerberg explained the quality of the user experience comes first. Still, he admitted could potentially be a business over time. Exactly?. I help clean the beach up.The sculptures are made exclusively from items found in the immediate vicinity, with the exception of the colored sand. Dutko mixes the dye himself with water and food coloring and sprays it on the packed sand. Each sculpture takes up to four hours to build, and he changes them every three days.

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