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This is a valid point, but there is such a thing as having too many engineers. A company in financial straits could reasonably go into survival, maintenance mode, reducing investment in new or failing projects, focusing on existing successful business and downsizing as part of reevaluating strategy. Thats not an unreasonable plan in my view, but it might come with some layoffs, which could include engineers working on those new or failing projects..

And for an official (fancy shmancy) meal, he’d probably be taken to the upscaleNorth Navy on Nepean Streetto samplethe”small but luxurious torteletti nestled in a potato broth and stuffed with potato, pecorino, Parmesan and ricotta, and drizzled with aged balsamic,” which our restaurant critic Peter Hum calls unbeatable. But we know Joe would probably prefer the spaghetti with “famous” meatballs atThe Prescott in Little Italy. And real paper napkins.A ride ina muscle carIf Trudeau was able to go jogging with Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto (remember those short shorts and the fluorescent green T shirt?),he could certainly go for a spin with the VP, a known Corvette enthusiast.

You’ll also be able to aim down the sights or zoom in with any weapon, like you can in most shooters. Halo purists may scoff at this addition, but it works well. At the same time, the traditional Halo option of firing from the hip (without zooming in) is just as effective..

BioWare is touting three major things for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. That starts with the three Mass Effect games now rendered in 4K Ultra HD resolution with HDR (high dynamic range) imaging. Character models, textures, shaders, and VFX have all been remastered.

Our neighborhood is very disappointed in this 40 wheel tax. Did you ever think about families raising their children and how much it costs? No, because most of you aren’t married. I have a family with 5 children and they need two cars! What should they do about this? The mayor raised our taxes on our houses and then this? Dane County has a wheel tax also.

The $74.50 per pair bulk price is not evident on the company’s website. In fact, customers who shop online are not offered a discount regardless of how many pairs they try to buy. For example, members of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce are eligible for a 30 percent discount, meaning a $200 pair of sunglasses would cost them $140.

Google PixelbookGoogle is expected to launch its high end Chromebook, called the Google Pixelbook, at the Wednesday event as well. It will reportedly come with a pressure sensitive stylus, called the Pixelbook Pen, and will be offered in three storage variants: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The 128GB storage variant has been tipped to be priced at $1,199 (roughly Rs.

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