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Hospitalizations climbed from 3,792 patients with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID 19 on Nov. 18, to 4,326 patients on Nov. 30. The Australian prime minister on Monday dismissed as “speculative” reports that a Chinese company plans to build a new industrial island city near Australia’s porous sea border with Papua New Guinea. Hong Kong registered WYW Holding Ltd. Plans to build a $30 billion city that includes a seaport and industrial area on Daru Island in the Torres Strait, Australian media have reported.

The brilliance and practicality of an idea is never fully understood until it has been tested or prototyped. An idea may seem doable to the one who came up with it, but its ground realities are never really understood until one gets an outsider’s perspective on it. External feedback makes ideas clearer even to the people who came up with them.

And it not even supposed to take so much effort to ask. It written in Article 45 of the Basic Law. HKers deserve universal suffrage.. Alders Heck, Foster, Lemmer and I then proceeded to amend the alternate, successfully moving it closer to the original version by removing sloppy language in one of the final be it resolved clauses (deleting phrase “worst case”) and adding back the deleted category of children to the list of disproportionately impacted groups. We were able to delete the clause that said the National Guard Bureau would re evaluate the selection of Truax as a preferred selection “if the final Environmental Impact Statement does not provide strategies to affirmatively mitigate noise and/or reduce the number of training flights” (the EIS can’t do that, the Federal Aviation Administration is in charge of mitigating noise impacts). The Council agreed to substitute the clause from the original version (bolded paragraph below)..

The president’s address was wrong about something else. He said democracy is “fragile.” This has become a theme of the Democrats and the many news organizations allied with them. They suggest that the Republican opposition is typified by the rioters who ransacked the Capitol on Jan.

“If they gone through the DER3 program, I suspect they have a pretty good chance of being approved for it because I do see these as partner based programs,” Corrigall said. Liberals jobs critic Todd Stone said only $12 million of the $300 million in grant money approved for small and medium size businesses has been distributed as part of the province COVID 19 recovery plan. Kahlon acknowledged there have been delays in getting some previously announced support funding out the door.

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