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Interior Minister Efkan Ala told the state run Anadolu Agency that security forces have concluded their offensive against the militants linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK in Diyarbakir historic Sur neighbourhood. The security forces would however, continue searching for possible explosives and a curfew imposed on the neighbourhood would remain. The military has said at least 271 militants have been killed during the Sur offensive..

Google has been encouraging websites to move to the secure HTTPS protocol for quite some time now. Last year, the search giant started giving preference to the HTTPS pages over HTTP and then announced that the Web crawler will start searching for HTTPS versions of HTTP pages. Now, Google has announced that starting with Chrome 56, the browser will provide warning to the users in a more active way about entering sensitive information on non secure sites..

And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country any more So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue” to the Capitol.Trump was well aware that the crowd contained violent elements. He knew it was not like one of the festive crowds that attended his campaign rallies, warmed up with singing and dancing. In his 1 October debate with Biden, Trump had given a shoutout to the white supremacist Proud Boys, calling out their name and giving them a slogan: “Stand back and stand by.” On 12 December, Proud Boys led thousands of paramilitary demonstrators to protest against the election result in Washington.”WE HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT!!!” Trump tweeted that morning to greet them.

“In fact, Melinda Gates talks about how when she joined computer science in Microsoft, there would be 35 percent women in computer science classes, it’s dropped to 17. So we’ve a lot more to do to make computer science attractive. But the best way to do it is for companies like Microsoft to show role models who are coming in and succeeding so we have a very solid plan and each year we are making progress on representation.”Microsoft is visibly changing now, but Nadella said that it’s something that has been happening for a long time.

“To the people who resort to threats and intimidation when asked to take a simple step to protect your community: shame on you. Our freedom as Americans comes with responsibilities, too,” the mayor tweeted. “We must find common ground and work together to deal with the circumstances our society is facing.

I found that I was still just as able to access my emotions with clients, even while being uncomfortable in a suit.One unexpected benefit was that I found I didn swear as much. This is a habit that I been trying to break, as I think can be off putting and even more unprofessional than dressing too casually.There were downsides, too, though. I can say that I noticed any difference in my abstract thinking.

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