Ray Ban Aviator Lens Replacement

There will actually be a considerable amount of work taking place on Cottage Grove Rd., but one lane of traffic will remain open in each direction at all times. There may be some construction vehicles entering and leaving the site at times though, so that may cause some short delays. The work will be starting next week, and it should be completed around the beginning of November..

Therein lies the uncomfortable irony for Microsoft. A month before the ShadowBrokers released the EternalBlue vulnerability, Microsoft issued a patch for it, but that didn’t stop the ransomware’s spread. While neither Microsoft nor the NSA has confirmed it, computer experts believe that the NSA likely tipped off Microsoft about the flaw once they realized the tool had been stolen..

Within the PES, fluid filled pipes are buried in the pavement at varying depths and transfer heat to and from the surrounding material, for application as a solar energy collector and/or thermal storage media. The fluid in the pipes can absorb/reject heat to the pavement and deliver useful energy to nearby buildings as well as benefiting the pavement structure andpavement users (in terms of reduced rutting, winter road maintenance, etc.). A significant advantage of such systems is that the pipes can be installed within pavements that arealready needed for structural reasons and need not to be installed as single function elements, as do conventional thermal utilisation systems.In this project, the effect of pavement materials and layer design optimisations on the performance of PES was investigated both theoretically and experimentally.

When wintertime rolls around and temperatures plummet, you really can go wrong with pampering yourself with all things warm, cozy, and soft. That why we rounded up 17 products that are basically big bear hugs that you can buy your loved ones (and yes, you count as a one to yourself) this season. From hot toddy drink kits to a robe that will make you never want to get dressed again (unless you get to put on a cashmere sweater, that is) these goodies are pure, wintry indulgences that make the weather seem, well, not so frightful.Eberjey long sleeved sleep setWhen recommending this super supple jersey cotton sleep set, one FC editor stated: PJ rock.

My family and friends know that I love signing up for fun things, and the Rugged Maniac Mud Run caught the most attention from everyone. The Mud Run charity event was amazing, and I managed to raise $567 for LO. I created a video for all my friends and family to see what I will be doing in the Mud Run and also made Lotus Outreach bracelets to send my thanks to those who donated.

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