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Seemingly increasing numbers of homeless persons, and the high unemployment rate, particularly among our most vulnerable populations. On Saturday, May 20, District1 residents were invited to have “Breakfast with the Alder” where we had a delicious catered breakfast and held deep and challenging conversations: gang violence, drugs, fear, employment opportunities, trauma, shots fired, community resources, affordable housing, education, parenting styles, conflict resolution. We committed to stay “in the game” but go deeper and more intentional.

Election. I was silent as scriptures were used to demonize political enemies. I was silent as the language of violence flowed from the mouths of people of peace.'”. As the austerity argument rages, we should be glad they’re not diamond Rolexes, I suppose. But while much more accessible than the 995 Amanda Wakeley leather trousers that May once came under fire for wearing, they’re certainly worthy of a raised eyebrow. Accidental match, or attempt to show cohesion as a couple, and a sense of youthfulness?.

The accuracy of our relation classification efforts was extensively evaluated by means of experimental evaluation that evidenced the accuracy of the FDG relation extraction approach and the improvement gained by the Machine Learning integration.The essential NLP algorithms of entity recognition and relation extraction were deployed in a Semantic Knowledge base that was built from the outset to model the knowledge of the problem domain. The semantic modelling of the knowledgebase aided improving the accuracy of the NLP algorithms by leveraging relevant domain knowledge published in Open Linked Datasets. Moreover, the extracted information was semantically tagged and inserted into the Semantic Knowledge base, which facilitated building advanced rules to infer new interesting information from the extracted knowledge as well as utilising advanced query mechanisms for intelligently exploring the mined problem domain knowledge..

And, probably more importantly, what about the masses of disenchanted voters? They unlikely to give two hoots about this rally; as Nathalie, an activist from S pointed out, when she goes leafleting, door to door, the election and the candidates are far from people minds. It not a campaign like the others in the past. In these hard times, people don know who to vote for.

For several years, the Bidens have met with patients at Walter Reed, as the president did on Friday. After November’s election, a grateful father wrote into the Northwest Florida Daily News about their Christmas Day 2011 visit to his daughter Christi, the wife of a naval officer, who had Stage 4 cancer. “Joe and Jill Biden visited the floor for about 4 hours without any press coverage,” he wrote, adding, “They went from room to room and, if there were children in the room, Joe would sit on the floor and read to them.

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