Ray Ban Yellow Lens Shooting Glasses

Anecdotally I know degreed engineers who taken technician roles at space companies because they rather be a technician working on rocket ships vs. Everyone thought this was insane as the applicant pool was 2:1 males, I personally wonder how they could justify that decision legally. That being said, they never got to 50/50 obviously, and they championed several primary school level women in STEM programs which in my opinion is the best way to get more female engineers in the first place..

While all of our top picks meet the 4K threshold, the Ultra does so at a noticeably quicker rate, so you’ll never experience content that skips or appears blurry for a few frames. At $99.99, the Roku Ultra undercuts other big hitters like the Fire TV Cube and Apple TV 4K. While it’s not as full featured as the latter (namely, Roku doesn’t offer HBO Max), you’re not sacrificing much, if anything, in terms of everyday streaming quality.

Sunday. The free show admits 30 people by appointment per hour, masks are required and only one family is allowed on each boat at a time. The event features fun activities for kids, light refreshments and a prize drawing where participants could win a $500 fishing gear package.

Madison Water Utility responds to and repairs more than 200 water main breaks per year. And we’re far from alone. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), much of the drinking water infrastructure across the country has reached the end of its useful life.

Marrying a laptop and tablet isn’t easy. Tablets are supposed to be lightweight, easy to hold in one hand therefore the non widescreen aspect ratio and a manageable size of under 12 inches with a great touch optimised software experience. Whereas a laptop needs a comparatively bigger screen (especially if it is your only computer), needs to be powerful and capable of running computer grade applications (for software development, multimedia editing, heavy office productivity, among other things)..

NASA is upping its game thanks to new navigation technology designed to guide the rover to a safe spot. The spacecraft also has a slew of cameras and microphones to capture the sights and sounds of descent and landing, a Martian first. Faster than previous Mars vehicles but still moving at a glacial pace, the six wheeled Perseverance will drive across Jezero, collecting core samples of the most enticing rocks and gravel.

1. Trendy Eyewear For YouDon’t you think eyewear always works like a finishing touch? No matter what are you wearing, if you add sunglasses to your final look, your style game reaches a whole new level automatically. From oversized chic ones to wayfarer and cat’s eye frames, if your accessory closet is having multiple styles sunglasses, no one can beat your style..

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