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It looks like there could be some supercar (or new sports car) cogs turning over at Porsche. Maybe, if you take a recent patent Porsche filed seriously. A member at the TaycanEVForums discovered that Porsche filed and was granted a patent with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for a design of a new sports car not currently in Porsche’s lineup.

One of the most popular places however, is in the media. Places such as magazines, TV shows, the music worldand especially movies. One success story of a fashioncraze starting merely fromthe early 80 icon Tom Cruise, was the popularity of Ran Ban Sunglassesthat grew fromhis classic film, Risky Business..

In November, Michaela’s roommate, Lisa Michaels, a comedian and beloved figure in the Memphis trans community, died suddenly. “He’s helped me in getting through that loss. I know that I’ve put a lot of stress on him, but him showing me that he’s there to stand by me no matter what is really all I needed to know.

This thesis presents an investigation into impedance based fault location methods which directly use the fault transient as an excitation source to provide fast and accurate fault locations in small distribution systems such as the modem marine and aircraft power systems which have Integrated Power System (IPS) configuration. Fast and accurate fault location on un exposed power distribution lines is of vital importance to expedite service restoration and improving the reliability of the power system.Two fault location algorithms are developed: the single ended method and the double ended method. The singled ended algorithm which captures current and voltage waveforms from one end of the distribution cable estimates the fault locations using an iteration calculation.

Chronic oedema is a major clinical problem worldwide, which has many important secondary consequences for health, activity and participation. Effective treatment planning and organisation of services is dependent on an understanding of the condition and its epidemiology. This crosssectional study was designed to estimate the point prevalence of chronic oedema within the health services of one UK urban population and to determine the proportions that have concurrent leg ulceration.Patients with chronic oedema in all anatomic sites were ascertained by health care professionals in one acute and one community hospital, all relevant outpatient and community nursing services, general practices and all nursing/residential homes in one urban catchment area (Derby City).

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