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Google search is finally getting the mobile first indexing feature after over a year of testing, and a limited rollout in December. With mobile first search indexing, Google uses the mobile version of a page for indexing and ranking search results, to make searches easier for ‘primarily mobile’ users, the company writes in a blog post. Google had introduced the project back in 2016..

Another Brazilian variant, known as P.2, has been identified in California at Stanford’s Clinical Virology Laboratory, according to Dr. Benjamin Pinsky, the laboratory’s medical director. The P.2 variant is distinct from the P.1 variant also detected in Brazil that was linked to an abrupt resurgence in cases in Manaus, the largest city in the Amazon region, that took place after much of the population was already believed to have been infected..

He gave each mortal an “in dwelling thought adjuster”, which is a pre personal and “perfect version” of that mortal, which guides the mortal to become so closely aligned to it, that the mortal and the adjuster merge. Only then can the adjusted mortal merge with the ultimate God and make the ultimate God real. But the ACTUAL mortal still dies, it is only a kind of downloaded copy that survives (what you call a Digitized Bio Intelligence).

Some common ground. So if you say the AP is biased or “opinion laced” or “commentary ish”, then just share anything that backs up that comment. What is it exactly that confusing you?. For the Wind Chill Advisory, very cold wind chills expected. Wind chills as low as 5 below zero. For the Wind Chill Advisory, through noon today.

I had a Paladin Bard in an all bard party, the Bardy if you will. Only one with a lick of wisdom. He was a war vet from the crusades, and 99% of the time he just heave and old man sigh and go full Murtaugh. For more than two months, the Weekly as well as the woman and her husband have sought answers from the city about the handling of the incident. City staff initially refused to disclose any information, forcing the family to engage an attorney for help. Eventually, the city provided some, but not all, time stamped police audio and body worn camera video, fire dispatch tapes and logs, recordings of the 911 call and fire department reports..

Manitoba is reporting 1,408 new vaccinations administered for a total of 52,664 doses given. The province has administered doses at a rate of 38.245 per 1,000. There were 3,510 new vaccines delivered to Manitoba for a total of 69,600 doses delivered so far.

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