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I think it only fair to hear from your Alder why I voted for the Ordnance prohibiting individuals from standing in the islands. It strongly felt that it was a public safety issue.I attach the posting from Brenda Konkel following the Council’s vote. I have received several emails criticizing the vote in favor of the Ordnance.

Continental crosswalks that are move visible and also have been shown to slow traffic will be painted on at least one side of almost all unsignalized intersections. A Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon will be installed at N. Blair and Gorham for pedestrians crossing to/from James Madison Park..

During this open book period, the City Assessor is allowed to make any changes that are necessary to perfect the assessment roll. When Open Book ends, any change to the assessment roll (property values) requires formal process in front of Board of Assessors/Board of Review. If after communicating with the Assessors office, you still feel there is a significant difference between the assessment and fair market value, you may file an objection to your assessment.

This new policy contradicts the recommendations issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that educators be prioritized alongside the 65 75 age group. President Biden and the first lady, herself an educator, have consistently called for teachers to be vaccinated so more schools can reopen safely. In fact, Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are the only Midwestern states that have failed to prioritize teachers..

His decision to travel abroad led the remaining board members to call an emergency meeting and issue a statement expressing disappointment. Hayward called the trip a “poor decision” that shows “a lack of leadership and good judgment.” Barnhart acknowledged it could “possibly” affect his chances at re election, but emphasized that he broke no rules or laws, has maintained a “very quiet life” and plans to return to Saskatchewan soon. The convention will also feature speeches from Premier Scott Moe and Opposition leader Ryan Meili.

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You want to do it so you can level up without doing any work. I get it, you guys have 6 kids, 2 wives, 3 full time jobs and have 10 minutes to play Destiny every 2 months. I won’t act like the power grind isn’t tedious either. The rover will set the samples aside for retrieval by a fetch rover launching in 2026. Under an elaborate plan still being worked out by NASA and the European Space Agency, the geologic treasure would arrive on Earth in the early 2030s. Scientists contend it’s the only way to ascertain whether life flourished on a wet, watery Mars 3 billion to 4 billion years ago.

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