Ray Ban Clubmaster Bronze

Here though we have what probably a heavily used barrel on a non period receiver which isn unheard of but is suspect, especially given the tag. Hackberry arsenal/field replacement which is not ideal. Finish is all over the place. The fact remains, Mom was protecting her child. If that means not being PC, then so be it. Because if something terrified my kids, I’d be the one between them and it, screw the rest of the world.

From THE DEMON HAUNTED WORLD (1995) by Carl Sagan and Ann Druuan: valuable tools of skepticism for evaluating science but also for use in everyday life. They will do so again in the future. If there’s something to be explained, think of all the different ways in which it could be explained.

Spent my whole retirement. I probably spent almost $200,000 on rehab and doctors, she said. Would like to get my retirement back; I not looking for this huge payoff. Relationships that work are ones that have mutual honesty, trust and integrity. Talking about a failed relationship with others isn’t bad either, it will allow you to move on and hear the honest truth that sometimes people don’t like to hear. It’s worse if you keep it inside and let it tear you apart.

If you have to take a left, you going to have to be that guy and get in the middle of the lane. Always be aware of what around you. Treat stop signs and red lights as if you in a car. As for u/Cy_Mabbages , I not here to be obtuse, I think this post does the most to wrap up my GENUINE position on the risk of game breaking behavior and that it a valid warning if you read the other commenters here. I think we got a great discussion going on here, and I fine to disagree. I think it may genuinely be OP saying Inspiration versus just saying, “I use narrative in the form of visions when I retcon to keep things more immersive, even when I fuck up.”(also reddit keeps throttling my replies and time is a construct, so I just going to leave this here and walk away.).

Our concept of a madam vice president is surely influenced by the way in which popular culture has depicted high ranking women whether “Madam Secretary” or “Veep.” In 1992, designer Donna Karan fantasized about what it would look like when a woman was sworn in as commander in chief. Her musings were the subject of an advertising campaign, “In Woman We Trust,” that featured the model Rosemary McGrotha taking the oath of office. Along the way, Karan created “seven easy pieces” a kind of mix and match mini wardrobe for working women.

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