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While the world first wholly 3D printed firearm is somewhat gadget beautiful its components made of ecru plastic except for the nail used for a firing pin and a six ounce block of steel glued into the frame in order to adhere to the Undetectable Firearms Act it has a look that would probably send industrial designer Raymond Loewy into an epileptic fit: stubby, chunky, with all the charm of a plastic toilet brush handle blow molded in Shanghai. The thick, 3 inch barrel, chambered for .380 caliber pistol ammo, is unrifled, which means at any range further than you can throw it underhanded, it mostly just a point and pray noisemaker. Hypothetical mental patients and kids printing out guns in their bedrooms come up a lot.

“We have been working very hard with a team of 35 people on our reopening committee and several sub committees’ as well. We’ve been working the past six weeks pretty much daily on our reopening plan,” Fierro said. “And as of today, the good news is, our packets went in the mail today to all the middle school families.

I wonder if these guys realise that Rudy and crew had months, now, to prove any of their allegations. And they have failed to do so. Remember all the big reveals from Sept/Oct.? Pompeo saying they were going to release Hilary’s emails (because, somehow, that’s still a thing), Hunter Biden’s laptop and emails were going to be released and Joe and Hunter were both going to be jailed.

When they broke through with You Really Got Me in 1964, its distinctive distorted guitar sound, often cited the beginnings of punk and heavy metal, created after by Dave sliced the speaker of his amplifier with a razor blade, they followed up All Day and All Of The Night, Tired Of Waiting For You and Set Me Free. But he was making it up as he went along, working at breakneck pace with friction never far from the surface in his famously volatile relationship with his brother.He said: “It’s like that line from Apocalypse Now, did you approve of my method? And he says, I see no method. We didn’t know what we were doing I just knew I had an idea for a song and one day said let’s record it.

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In a nationally recognized tourist destination with a growing catalog of acclaimed, chef driven restaurants, dining alfresco has become one of the city’s must do summer activities.Outdoor dining spaces are a major part of Alexandria’s food scene at both beloved city staples and newly opened hot spots. And while some restaurant patios have remained steady community fixtures for years, others are testing new trends in alfresco concepts.Anyone who’s taken a stroll down King Street knows that those two or three tables in front of the Majestic, Bugsy’s or Fontaine are some of the most coveted seats in the city.Mia Italian Kitchen features a small collection of sidewalk cafe tables. (Photo Credit: K Summerer for Visit Alexandria)Sidewalk tables give diners a front row seat to the bustling activity of Old Town, not to mention a prime stakeout for people watching.”When people go to a waterside port city, if the weather’s nice, the preference is to dine outside,” Scott Shaw of Alexandria Restaurant Partners said.

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