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Specialty: Lifestyle vlogs; fashion hit: A YouTube tutorial on how to up your back to school supplies game using DIY craft techniques (1.4 million views)The Girl Next Door Breaks The MoldAs comfortable playing a lovelorn nerd in a YouTube sketch as she is modeling a bikini on Instagram, Eva Gutowski dominates on a variety of platforms. Set to star in a YouTube Red script comedy next year, Gutowski uses her four year old channel, My Life as Eva, to post lighthearted videos on everything from how to create a studded iPhone case (6 million views) to how to survive a high school crush (8.6 million views). Was all really organic, just stuff that I liked to talk about, she says of the playful tutorials that originally attracted her young fanbase.

Certain parts of the power module such as the solder layer beneath the silicon device and the substrate are prone to failure with thermal cycling. The layer of thermal grease between the baseplate of the module and the heatsink significantly increases the thermal resistance between the electronic devices and the coolant fluid. The power module can be constructed so that some of the interfaces within the module which are prone to failure are improved or completely removed from the assembly greatly reducing the thermal resistance from junction to ambient.

In response to Friday’s court ruling regarding the inactivation of voter registrations, the Madison City Clerk’s Office strongly encourages voters to verify their registration status. Toward the top of the webpage, they may select “Search by Name” or “My Voter Info” to search for their voter registration. The website will prompt the voter to enter their name and date of birth..

In my mind, there should be national guard trucks driving into improverished areas and administering doses by the millions every single day. If we got attacked by a foreign country, we’d find a way to put a half a million American men on ships half a world away within a few months. My perception of our logistical capabilities seems to be out of whack with reality, because 10% this far out from vaccine approval seems downright pathetic.

(VY) My father was my hero my main teacher. He fought during World War II, was wounded early on and was taken prisoner by the Nazis. He attempted to escape from the German concentration camps seven times, the last time from Oswiecim (Auschwitz). It feels like the first game where Nintendo decided “alright, Mario is only ever going to be a basic platformer, but lets make it the best basic platformer on the market”. And so they did. However, its likely you be able to pick this one up by itself for cheaper mid next year, so its up to you if thats worth waiting for..

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