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Troemel asked if they checked the ownership of any of the guns found in Muse room. Sgt. Datzman said they did check but couldn remember the results. Although he failed to get through that day, two months later he gave a statement to officers at his Nottinghamshire home. “I told them I was not aware of whether the driver had been on the phone, texting or had been drinking, but I was convinced he had no chance of getting out of the way. He would have so little time to see the vehicles.”.

“We want to bring the Ritz back to the way it was because people have such fond memories of it,” Laurie Wuchter said. “I hear from people all the time saying, ‘My mom and dad met here and they’ve been married for so many years.’ So that’s what we want to bring back. We want people to return, fall in love and have their kids come back.”.

Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly refused to accept Joe Biden as president elect and was rewarded with a surge in ratings. Fox News was more cautious the network declared Biden the next president on Nov. 7 but some Fox stars, including Dobbs, Bartiromo and Pirro, offered significant airtime to his lawyers, Giuliani and Powell, and others who pushed the outlandish election fraud narrative..

Residents would still have access by car. The logistics of such a change are not yet clear, nor is how cross streets will be handled, but if it is enacted, I will encourage Traffic Engineering to retain access to businesses as they can. The Transportation Commission is expected to discuss this draft proposal at their April 15 virtual meeting (see agenda below)..

ASSIST Agency In an effort to reduce and limit the spread of Covid 19 and to preserve the health and safety of our staff and the public all locations of ASSIST Agency (Crowley, Abbeville, Jennings) will be closed to the public until further notice. No in person appointments for client services will be made during this time. We may initiate an application for assistance by phone, however, we must have supporting documentation before final approval.

You can have multiple trainer / client pairs in an gym but they have to remain 3 meters apart. Trainer has to wear a mask, client does not. Nothing about occupancy but I would imagine it would be similar to stores, which I believe is 25%.. It sort of like a Wildfire for geo location based services. And as more businesses recognize the potential in using location based services as a marketing resource, Geotoko services could be useful to be able to tap into a number of networks. Of course, Foursquare has been racking up promotional deals with media companies, but Geotoko may be a good resource for small businesses to run campaigns using geo location.

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